Semiconductor and Fiber Lasers

nLIGHT High-Performance
Fiber Lasers to 10kW

The all-new nLIGHT® CFL-10000 is the highest power fiber laser available in this form factor, allowing for better utilization of your shop floor. Available as 6, 8, or 10kW models, these versatile fiber lasers are suitable for a wide range of materials processing applications.

Based on nearly two decades of high-power lasers innovation, these lasers feature the latest in optical technology to improve your productivity and part quality. Designed with trusted and durable components for maximum uptime, and high operating efficiency to lower your production costs.
  • 6, 8, and 10kW
    Choice of power levels optimizes laser for multiple applications.

  • Back Reflection Protection
    Hardware-based protection provides uninterrupted
    failsafe processing of reflective metals with no damage
    to the laser.

  • Unparalleled Serviceability
    Modular design simplifies repairs maximizing uptime.

  • Designed for Rugged Durability
    Ensures continuous operation in harsh manufacturing environments.

  • Advanced Electronics Design
    Provides faster piercing and processing of fine features with smaller heat-affected zones.

  • Multiple Fiber Options
    Choice of feed fiber sizes from 100 – 300 µm fiber enables a diverse range of applications.

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