Semiconductor and Fiber Lasers

nLIGHT Rackmount Fiber Lasers

Small form factor rackmount fiber laser at powers up to 1.5kW with single mode and multimode options. The small size facilitates easy integration into machine tools.

nLIGHT® single mode rackmount fiber lasers deliver output power from 500W to 1200W with beam quality M2 ≤ 1.1. Multimode models are available in 500W to 1500W configurations. These lasers deliver excellent beam quality for advanced cutting, welding and additive manufacturing performance.
  • 500W – 1500W Models
    Range of powers in small form factor facilitates easy integration into tools.

  • Back Reflection Protection
    Hardware-based protection provides uninterrupted
    failsafe processing of reflective metals with no damage
    to the laser.

  • Easy Serviceability
    Onsite serviceability maximizes uptime and productivity.

nLIGHT Single Mode Rackmount
Fiber Lasers Datasheet
  • Rugged Durability
    Ensures continuous operation in harsh manufacturing environments.

  • Advanced Electronics
    A modulation rate up to 100 kHz and rise and fall time of less than 5 µs allow faster piercing and processing of fine features with smaller affected heat zones.

  • Operating Mode Options
    Choice of single mode and multimode models.

nLIGHT Multimode Rackmount
Fiber Lasers Datasheet
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