Semiconductor and Fiber Lasers

nLIGHT alta primeā„¢ Medium Power Fiber Laser

nLIGHT alta™ additive is specifically designed to provide superior process control and performance in next generation advanced manufacturing systems:
  • Power Stability: nLIGHT’s alta™ additive fiber lasers are designed for extreme power stability to ensure process control over long build times and over a wide operating range. This allows for superior performance in the manufacturing of fine features as well as larger components.

  • Back Reflection: With advanced optical designs, nLIGHT’s alta™ additive fiber lasers are immune to back reflected light and allow for highly stable operation and high reliability over all types of metals.

  • High-Speed Electronics: With rise/fall times <5 μs, nLIGHT alta™ additive fiber lasers enable poweron-the-fly adjustments to be coordinated with all motion control systems and ensures high process uniformity over entire fabrication area.

  • Real-Time Processing Monitoring: Sensors embedded in the laser provide tool integrators with convenient access to critical signals for closed-loop process monitoring and real-time quality control.

  • Programmable Pulse Shaping: With modulation capability from CW to 100 kHz nLIGHT alta™ additive provides the most advanced control over heat deposition. Customized pulse shapes offer optimization of heating and cooling rates to enable greater process control. This limits stress and strain during the build process and improve yield.
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