Semiconductor and Fiber Lasers

nLIGHT alta primeā„¢ Medium Power Fiber Laser

nLIGHT alta™ is the first in a line of next generation high power fiber lasers to address the rapidly evolving needs of industrial materials processing. The nLIGHT alta™ fiber lasers are built with leading laser diode and fiber technologies, and incorporate the first failsafe back reflection isolation technology for full processing of highly reflective materials.

nLIGHT alta prime™ offers unrivaled process control and performance by incorporating these enhanced features:
Programmable pulse shaping: nLIGHT’s advanced software capability provides end-users and OEM’s the ability to create customized pulse shapes, enabling precise process optimization and repeatable and consistent process control.

100 kHz rep rate and 5 µs rise/fall time: By increasing the modulation rate to 100 kHz and decreasing the rise and fall times to less than 5 μs, nLIGHT provides the most advanced fiber laser for rapid pierces during cutting and for processing of fine features with minimal heat affected zone.

Processing monitoring sensors: nLIGHT alta prime™ fiber lasers incorporate detectors to provide the integrator access to process signals, which allow real-time quality control and greater process tolerance.
The nLIGHT alta™ fiber laser platform is designed and manufactured in the U.S., leveraging nLIGHT’s vertically integrated high brightness laser diode and fiber technology and is supported through a global network of sales and service staff. nLIGHT alta™ - the next generation of fiber lasers. 
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