High Performance Lasers

nLIGHT alta™ Medium Power Fiber Laser

nLIGHT alta™ is the first in a line of next generation high power fiber lasers. Designed to meet the performance and reliability requirements for industrial applications, nLIGHT alta™ incorporates several improvements over other commercially available fiber lasers:
Improved Cutting and Welding Performance: nLIGHT alta™ is capable of delivering a modulation rate up to 50 kHz and rise and fall time of less than 10 µs. Enabled by next generation electronics, these capabilities allow faster piercing, faster processing of fine features, and better processing quality through minimal heat affected zone.
Back Reflection Isolation: nLIGHT’s novel back reflection isolation technology allows uninterrupted full power processing of highly reflective materials.
Design-for-Service: nLIGHT alta™ incorporates a unique, proprietary fiber laser architecture that enables tool integrators or end users to manage common field service events, which results in higher machine uptime, lower cost of ownership and  an improved customer experience.
The nLIGHT alta™ fiber laser platform is designed and manufactured in the U.S., leveraging nLIGHT’s vertically integrated high brightness laser diode and fiber technology, and is supported through a global network of sales and service staff. nLIGHT alta™ - the next generation of fiber lasers. 
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