Semiconductor and Fiber Lasers
Corona's key innovation is the ability to tune beam characteristics completely within optical fiber, thus retaining the advantages that have made fiber lasers the dominant technology for laser-based materials processing.

Corona Lasers

New Corona lasers from nLIGHT® feature programmable beam quality enabled by groundbreaking all-fiber technology. Rapid tuning of the laser spot size optimizes machine tool performance across all metals and thicknesses.

Users can switch from small spot size beams for maximum optical intensity – ideal for cutting thin material and for processing with nitrogen – to large donut-shaped beams used for cutting thick material with CO2-like edge quality.

Corona enables the development of highly versatile machine tools so job shops and factories extend their competitive advantage. No longer must they choose between purchasing multiple tools, accepting compromised performance from existing tools, or using complex, expensive, and fragile free-space optical technologies or beam combination methods.

Corona's "no compromises" performance is unattainable with any other technology and is derived from nLIGHT's unique, all-fiber design.

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