Semiconductor and Fiber Lasers

High-Power and High-Brightness Diode Lasers to be Highlighted at LASYS 2008

Advancements in diode lasers for direct materials processing,
fiber pumping and DPSS lasers will be featured

Vancouver, WA USA  February 28, 2008 – Advancement in the performance and cost-effectiveness of high-power diode lasers are enabling a transformation in materials processing solutions. Diode-based laser systems are accelerating the rate at which they are displacing gas-based laser systems and non-laser systems for many materials processing applications such as welding, cutting, soldering, brazing and heat treating. At LASYS 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany held during March 4 - 6, nLIGHT Corporation will highlight its advancements in high-power diode laser performance and cost trends, which are enabling more competitive laser systems.

nLIGHT continues to be an industry leader in driving high-power with high-brightness out of fiber-coupled modules. nLIGHT's Pearl™ product series now produces up to 100 W out of 400 µm 0.22 NA fiber, and 40 W out of 200 µm 0.15 NA fiber, both with greater than 50% wall-plug efficiency. The Pearl™ product series is based on nLIGHT's proprietary nXLT™ single emitter diodes, resetting industry reliability and efficiency benchmarks for high-power fiber-coupled diode lasers, operating either CW or pulsed. “Improving the diode laser power, brightness and efficiency enables laser system manufacturers to offer their customers more competitive solutions against conventional technologies,” commented Joe DeBartolo, nLIGHT VP Sales and Marketing.

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