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High Power with High-Brightness 808 nm Lasers

CS product family to be featured at LASER 2007. World of Photonics
in Munich, Germany,
area B3, booth #358, from June 18-21, 2007

Vancouver, WA  June 15, 2007 – No longer will it be necessary to make the tradeoff between high power and high brightness when it comes to selecting conduction-cooled laser bars for your application.

nLIGHT will present at LASER 2007 a product that achieves both, high power with high brightness – a 30% fill-factor bar rated at 60 W on an industry standard conduction-cooled CS package. By combining nLIGHT’s proprietary nXLT™ (eXtended Life Technology) laser chips with AuSn solder on an expansion-matched sub-mount, nLIGHT is able to offer a significant increase in power and brightness while increasing lifetime for CW, pulsed, and high- temperature applications. This device will serve a wide variety of applications including DPSSL pumping, industrial, medical and defense. Specific wavelengths ranging from 790 to 830 nm can be customized for OEM applications.

“High power with high brightness will enable competitive advantages for our customers with both CW and pulsed laser needs”, said Rob Martinsen, VP of Product Engineering. “This is just another example of the benefits that our nXLT™ diode protection and hard solder packaging technologies bring to the customer.”

Each device will have 19 x 150  µm emitters on 500 µm spacing, conforming to industry standards. The new CS 60 W devices can be integrated with a wide variety of existing micro-optics. Typical operating currents are around 60 A, with a compliance voltage less than 2 V, and TE polarized light. As an added feature, nLIGHT can include an antireflective-coated cylinder lens to collimate the fast-axis.

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