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nLIGHT White Paper Highlights History of Semiconductor Lasers


VANCOUVER, Wash. USA January 18, 2018nLIGHT, Inc., a leading provider in the design and manufacture of high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers, today published a white paper in Laser Focus World that highlights how improvements in laser brilliance has contributed to the development of semiconductor lasers and their uses.

Co-authored by Manoj Kanskar, Ph.D., Vice President of Advanced Technology of nLIGHT; Scott Keeney, Chief Executive Officer of nLIGHT; and Rob Martinsen, Chief Technology Officer of nLIGHT, the paper is titled The Power of Brilliance – the History of High-Power Semiconductor Lasers.

It looks at Moore’s law and the relevance to the laser industry and shows that by continuously improving efficiency and power, laser diodes will continue to displace legacy technologies. In so doing, lasers will not only change the way things are made but also enable new things to be made that were never before possible.  

About nLIGHT, Inc.

nLIGHT is a leading provider of high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers sold across a wide range of applications in the industrial, microfabrication, aerospace and defense markets. nLIGHT employs over 1,000 people. For more information, visit


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