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nLIGHT Expands its CW/QCW Platform with Higher Average Power and Full Waveform Control

VANCOUVER, Wash. USA March 17, 2014 – nLIGHT Corporation (nLIGHT) today announced the addition of the M200-400™ fiber laser to its CW/QCW product portfolio. The M200-400™ features industry-leading peak power and average power along with full analog waveform control for efficiently processing a wide variety of materials. It provides single mode precision at 200W average power in a convenient air-cooled form. 
The M200-400™ enables typical applications such as processing brittle materials (ceramic & sapphire), cutting of thin metals (stainless and mild steel, aluminum, gold, silver, and titanium), micro welding dissimilar metals, plastics cutting / welding,  medical device fabrication (fine cutting, welding), and drilling.

See the M200-400™ at Laser World of Photonics China, March 18 – 20, 2014, at the nLIGHT Booth, Booth #3342.
About nLIGHT Corporation 
nLIGHT is a leading supplier of high-performance lasers which enable innovations in advanced materials processing, defense, and medical applications. nLIGHT develops and manufactures diode lasers, fiber, and fiber lasers, based on proprietary semiconductor lasers and optical fiber technology. For more information see
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