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nLIGHT Invests in Advanced Fiber Laser Technology Through Acquisition of Arbor Photonics, Inc.

Vancouver, Wash. USA January 7, 2013 –  nLIGHT Corporation (nLIGHT) today announced the acquisition of Arbor Photonics, Inc., based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Arbor Photonics is the pioneer of Chirally-Coupled Core (3C®) fiber technology. The patented 3C® fiber technology has been demonstrated to enable state-of-the-art high power fiber lasers that can be used in a wide range of new material processing, defense, and medical applications.

“The Arbor Photonics team and 3C® technology are a valuable addition to nLIGHT,” said Scott Keeney, nLIGHT President and CEO. “Vertical integration of core technology is critical to our growth strategy.”  

® fiber technology is critical to enable advanced applications that require high peak-power and single-mode beam quality,” said Jake Bell, nLIGHT Vice President and General Manager. “3C® fiber is also polarization maintaining, which is essential for generation of green and ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths.”

About nLIGHT Corporation

nLIGHT is a leading supplier of high-performance lasers for advanced materials processing, defense, and medical applications. nLIGHT develops and manufactures fiber lasers, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, and direct-diode lasers based on proprietary semiconductor lasers and optical fiber technology. For more information see


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