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nLIGHT Launches New Line of Photodarkening-Resistant Fibers

Vancouver, WA USA May 10, 2010 – nLIGHT Corporation (nLIGHT) today announced availability of a high-absorption, photodarkening-resistant version of its standard LEIKKI™ ytterbium-doped fibers.
These large-mode-areas, low numerical aperture (NA), high-absorption fibers exhibit a fivefold decrease in photodarkening induced loss under accelerated stress testing conditions.  The loss of the large-mode-area, low NA fibers is in some cases even below the measurement capability of the accelerated test. Additionally the high ytterbium concentration fibers routinely show pump conversion efficiencies of over 75%.

The new photodarkening resistant LIEKKITM ytterbium fibers are available now with short delivery times in all standard core/clad geometries ranging from 6/125 µm to 30/250 µm in non-polarization and polarization-maintaining versions. Custom geometries and customer core profiles (doping and RIP) are available upon request.
nLIGHT’s fiber division, previously LIEKKI Corporation, continues to lead the industry in mitigating photodarkening through its proprietary direct nanoparticle deposition (DND) fiber production technology.
About nLIGHT Corporation
nLIGHT is a leading supplier of innovative high-power semiconductor lasers and high-performance specialty optical fibers for industrial, medical, defense and consumer applications. nLIGHT provides customer advantages in performance, reliability and efficiency. Global support is provided through state-of-the-art manufacturing and application centers in North America, Europe, and Asia.
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